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Snana Saundarya

The Story of Snana Saundarya Body Ubtans have been a part of traditional Indian bath rituals, and recommended in Ayurvedic medicine for detoxing and stimulating the skin, our largest organ. This method of soap free cleaning leads to beautiful, bright, healthy skin, smooth as a baby’s If combined with Abhyanga (self oil massage), a body ubtan not only detoxes but also calms our senses, destresses and balances Doshas. Daily full body ubtans are an essential part of a bride’s pre-wedding beauty ritual for three months. Snana Saundarya is a result of research using ingredients which are mild, have healing and detoxing properties, and help to gently remove dead skin. It is a combination of the best of Ayurvedic recipes, and suitable for all skin types.

Today, trained & managed by DwaarPe, many women use this recipe to create a genuine, natural, wholesome skin care product that is a delight to the senses. DwaarPe works with underprivileged women to help them gain financial independence through means that are compatible with their skills / literacy levels.

It is made from pure & homemade ingredients, & powered by a simple, powerful mantra followed by Team DwaarPe:

“Saccha aur Acchha”

Nidhi Lauria, Product Advisor

Made without any preservatives, colouring agents or synthetic additives.

Description Snana Saundarya is a gentle, calming, detoxing body ubtan that is suitable for daily use. Filled with the goodness of wild neem leaf powder and pure turmeric it reduces inflammations, allergies, infections of any kind. 9 types of pulses and grains used in this recipe are very effective in removing tan and dead cells and brightening the skin effectively. Liquorice root powder helps to reduce blemishes and dark spots and make the skin even toned and hydrated. It also heals sun damage and is anti-inflammatory. Fennel tones, hydrates, detoxifies and corrects the pH of the skin.

How To Use For really outstanding results, this ubtan should be used after applying oil all over the body. This process of applying oil yourself all over your body is called Abhyanga in Ayurveda texts. It takes only 10-15 minutes but the results will be an amazingly dewy, clean, fresh, skin which will gleam with health; and a clam, serene sense of balance. We recommend Sesame/ Coconut/ Mustard/ Almond oils for this purpose.

However even if you omit the oiling step, the ubtan is still a great soap-free body cleaner which will remove tan and dead skin very effectively.

Mix 1-2 tablepoons of the ubtan in either milk (for dry skin), or curd + lemon juice (for normal/oily skin).

If you know your Ayurvedic body type, you can vastly increase the power of this ubtan to calm your senses and balance your Doshas by following the below guideline:

  1. Vata : Keep the mixture liquidy, use large circular motions with very gentle pressure to apply and rub.
  2. Pitta : Make the mixture into smooth paste, and apply with circular motions, taking care to not do it too vigorously
  3. Kapha : Dry powder or thick paste applied with small, vigourous circular movements to stimulate the natural movement of body fluids

Spread mixture on full body. Let it dry. Rub off with wet fingers, using light circular movements. At this stage you may also like to use some oil by pouring a small amount on your hands, rubbing along with water on your body to help rub off the ubtan well. It should slough off under the gentle pressure of your palms or fingers, exposing clean skin underneath. Wash with water, follow with moisturiser.

Practicing Abhyanga followed by body Ubtan even twice a week will bring noticeable improvement in overall health through de-stressing, detoxing, calming and balancing of your Doshas. The added benefit ofcourse is a great looking skin!

Main Ingredients Neem, Haldi, Liquorice, Fennel, Mustard Seeds, Wheat, Rice, Arhar Dal, Chana Dal, Ragi, Jawar, Bajra, Kala Chana, Camphor

Important Instructions for Correct Usage Store in a cool dry place. For External Use only. Best before 18 months from date of manufacture. Natural ingredients may sometimes cause allergies. Please test by applying a small amount of the product on the inside of your elbow & leave on for thirty minutes. Discontinue use if there is irritation.

Other Information Manufactured by : Grah Ayurveda. Marketed by : DwaarPe, (Home services unit of DKOP Labs Pvt Ltd), WP - 425, WAZIRPUR, ASHOK VIHAR, DELHI 110052, INDIA