DwaarPe - Beauty At Home

Our Mission - Financial inclusion for the less privileged.

Our Vision - We started small, with just five girls, training them on beauty services. We aim to take that to ten trainees, then a hundred, and beyond.

Our Strategy - Train and deploy. We believe that just training someone is not enough. We aim to train people on various skills, and then help them earn a living using those skill.

What do our service providers say?

Our life is changing because of this venture. Even though I was happy working as I was, a house-maid, the new set of skills and the work I am doing is changing my life. I feel a new sense of accomplishment and excitement. - Anita Dungdung

changing my life ... - Serofina Kiro

the best possible management of such a business. win-win-win - for the customers, for the girls that do the work, for dwaarpe. I have worked at several parlours, and this concept gives the best returns to the workers! - Mamta Rawat Singh