DwaarPe - Beauty At Home


Bibiyana Meet Divya (Bibiyana), working as a house-maid and as one of our trainee-beauticians. Her life is dedicated to taking care of her dead brother’s two sons. She and her fiance have deferred their marriage due to objections from their families and ‘samaaj’. They have even decided not to have their own children to be able to concentrate on her nephews. Her brothers and sisters do not contribute to the children’s welfare at all.

Painfully thin, susceptible to aches and pains in her joints and bones, thirty plus, unlettered but willing to learn (now in class 3 – approximately – due to our intervention in the last 2-3 years), she leads a life of quiet courage.

She is going to the village for a fortnight, and guess what? She has bought two cellphones, presents for one of her sisters and one of her brothers. And presents for many others.

Many of our workers have such stories, of courage and desperation. Help them by using dwaarpe’s services.